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Rule differences between Axis & Allies Revised and Axis & Allies: Europe

Planes can hit submarines. Submarines must sustain at least one round of fire before submerging. Planes cannot hit submarines unless a friendly destroyer is present. Allied destroyers reveal enemy submarines but may not participate in the attack. They can be destroyed, however. [AA:E FAQ]
Submarines choose whether to submerge at the end of each combat round. [AA:R p.32] Attacking submarines choose whether to submerge at the beginning of each combat round. They may submerge before the first combat round (“sub stalling”). [AA:E FAQ] A defending submarine may submerge instead of returning fire (although this is pointless if it has taken a hit). [AA:E p.10]
Submarines may not submerge when enemy destroyers are present. [AA:R p.29] Submarines may submerge when enemy destroyers are present. [AA:E p.17]
Both attacking and defending submarines have a “first strike” ability. [AA:R p.15] Only attacking submarines have a “first strike” ability.
Fighters cost 10 IPCs. Carriers cost 16 IPCs. Fighters cost 12 IPCs. Carriers cost 18 IPCs.
New industrial complexes may be built. New industrial complexes cannot be built.
Destroyers cannot bombard without the “Combined Bombardment” upgrade. Destroyers bombard on a 2.
Tanks defend on a 3. Tanks defend on a 2.
Deployment is limited by a territory’s income value. The deployment limit only applies to captured industrial complexes.
Newly built fighters may deploy on newly built carriers; both must deploy from the same industrial complex. Old fighters, including allied fighters, may be placed on new carriers deploying in an adjacent sea zone; again, they must be in the territory with the industrial complex from which the new carrier deployed. New fighters may not deploy onto old carriers. [AA:R FAQ] Newly built fighters can only deploy to land territories. [AA:E FAQ]
Victory is determined by the number of key cities held. Germany wins by holding its own capital plus one Allied capital. It must hold the Allied capital until the beginning of its next turn following capture. The Allies win by holding Moscow and capturing Germany. The capturing faction must hold Germany until the beginning of its next turn and must also hold its own capital.
Anti-aircraft casualties are determined by the dice. Anti-aircraft casualties are determined by the plane owner.
Planes take anti-aircraft fire every time they fly over an enemy anti-aircraft battery. [AA:R p.12–13, AA:R FAQ] Planes making combat moves, including retreating from combat, take fire. [AA:E p.9] Planes making non-combat moves, including returning from successful battles, take no anti-aircraft fire. [AA:E p.18]
Each faction starts with IPCs equal to its national income. Before receiving starting IPCs, each team gets a 12 IPC cash advance to spend or save immediately. [AA:E p.6]

Axis & Allies: Europe also features the following, which are explained in the rule book:

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